Empower your employees with a new way of learning English online

The Three Keys to Successful E-Learning

Customizable Courses

Using our library of more than 12,000 videos and over 50 pre-built course units, we can deploy a curriculum that precisely matches your students’ requirements in terms of scope and sequence and level.

Motivate Your Students

Motivating students is the most challenging, and most important, component of any e-learning platform. EnglishCentral does this with engaging, up-to-date content, and game dynamics that award students points the more they learn and the more they speak.

Go Mobile

Our data shows that getting students to engage with English learning from their phones more than doubles the time they spend learning English every week. Try out our award-winning Mobile Apps and see the power of mobile learning.

Benefits to your Employees

Encourage Professional Development

International need for trained and accomplished candidates increases the struggle to attract and retain top employees. Use EnglishCentral to stimulate professional development that will benefit you personally and professionally.

Increase Employee Productivity

Improved language skills assist in global collaboration resulting in increased innovation and productivity.

Seize International Opportunities

Be prepared to capitalize on business opportunities through your employees’ improved language skills. Empower your employees and be ready to grow.

Four Ways of Partnering with EnglishCentral

Tools that Give Teacher Total Control

Track Progress

Track your student’s progress in watching videos lessons with comprehension questions, time interval vocabulary study and pronunciation scores and fluency.

Listen In

This unique feature allows you to listen in on your student’s speaking practice and review results from our Intellispeechsm assessment program.

Flexible Curriculum

You can adapt the content on your student’s class page at any time during the semester, adding videos or courses from our library, or make your own lesson recommendations.

Try it Now!

Here are just some of the topics we offer for students learning English for business. Try and Watch, Learn and Speak a video lesson . . .

Asking the Real Question
Beginner | Business | Management
Focus on What Matters
Intermediate | Business | Leaders
Steve Jobs: Rules for Success
Intermediate | Business | Leaders
Tips for Being a Good Manager
Intermediate | Business | Leaders
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs 1
Intermediate | Business | Presentations
Confidence Quickbite: Avoid Nervousness
Intermediate | Business | Presentations
Very Impressive
Intermediate | Business | Presentations
Signposting and Transitions
Intermediate | Business | Presentations
Learning at the Culinary Institute of America
Intermediate | Business | Career
Lunch Orders
Advanced | Business | Career
Going Off the Grid
Intermediate | Media | Funny
Hotels: Room Service
Intermediate | Business | Hospitality
Google's Pixel 2
Intermediate | Academic | Gadgets
The iPhone X
Advanced | Academic | Gadgets
Change Everything with the iPhone 6s
Intermediate | Academic | Gadgets
Mobilegeddon Is Here
Intermediate | Academic | Programs and Apps